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La Retraithe Sixth Form

Craft and Design specialising in Fashion

During the 2-year programme, students will learn the core knowledge and skills that are needed for entry to a range of craft and design occupations. The T Level in Craft and Design will be available from September 2024.

Studying Craft and Design, specialising in Fashion at La Retraite6

Why study this course? 

This course is suitable for anyone wanting a career in the craft and design sector. Career options might include:

  • Jewellery  designer- maker
  • Furniture Maker, Furniture Designer
  • Dressmaker, Tailor 
  • Fashion Design Assistant 
  • Wardrobe Assistant 

What will I learn? 

Students will develop an understanding of a broad range of issues relevant to the sector, including:

  • the creative economy
  • the individual in the creative industries
  • cultural context and vocabulary
  • audience and consumer needs
  • legal and regulatory requirements
  • professional standards and conduct in the workplace
  • equality, diversity and inclusion requirements
  • research skills
  • project methodology and administration
  • continued professional development

Options to specialise

In addition to the core content, each student will also complete at least one module of occupation-specific content.

The specialisms available in the Craft and Design T Level are:

  • jewellery maker
  • ceramics maker
  • furniture maker
  • textiles and fashion maker