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La Retraithe Sixth Form

Outstanding Achievers

Behind every set of results there is a personal story of hard work, dedication and perseverance. Here are some of the success stories from our class of 2023.

Bianca, St Bernadette Catholic Junior School and La Retraite Alumni

Bianca proudly celebrates a remarkable set of results in her A Level examinations, attaining BBB in Economics, Mathematics and Politics. With these outstanding results, she has secured a place at Queen Mary University, to read Maths.

“I chose to continue my education at the La Retraite 6 because I felt that the familiarity of the environment would be beneficial. My teachers have known me since Year 7, and as a result they knew my learning styles and understood my ambitions. More than this, the teachers went above and beyond to aid the transition into A Level education after a difficult two years, teaching me how to be resilient, and always encouraging me to seek out opportunities, such as securing an internship with TD Securities, which I believe has boosted my applications and helped me stand out in the crowd”.

Shahir, Henry Fawcett Primary School and Archbishop Tensions Alumni

Shahir joined the La Retraite 6 because he had heard great things – the facilities, course breadth, Ofsted status and previous year results, and he wanted his chance to make his mark on our Legacy. Shahir joined us in Year 12 from Archbishop Tenison’s, and achieved AAB in Mathematics, Physics and Geography. He looks forward to attending the University of Birmingham to read Aerospace Engineering in September. 

“Sixth Form might be daunting, but with the right people around you it is the best experience, and that is exactly what I got at the La Retraite 6. I benefitted from amazing teachers and resources, an inspiring learning environment and I had some of the best years of my life. I am incredibly grateful to the La Retraite 6 for providing so many different and unique opportunities to support my learning, both in and beyond the classroom and look forward to my next chapter at the University of Birmingham”.

Aitana, Trinity Academy Alumni

Aitana joined La Retraite 6 in Year 12, after the sixth form was recommended to her by friends who had attended the school. Her achievements of A*BC in Spanish, Chemistry and Biology are a testament to her hard work and determination, and she looks forward to her next adventure: studying Therapeutic Radiography at London Southbank University.

“The entire community at La Retraite 6 are incredibly supportive, it is truly a tight-knit community and the relationships between staff and students are fantastic. I believe the positive relationships I formed across the sixth form enabled my success, as I had a strong network of support and guidance”.

Maameyaa, St Andrews Primary School and St Gabriels College Alumni

Maameyaa has excelled in her studies at the La Retraite 6, achieving an impressive 3 A* in her T Level Childcare and Education studies. As one of our highest achievers this year, she credits enriching opportunities to develop life skills and gain new experiences offered at the sixth form, which she will take on to Middlesex University to study Psychology, alongside her academic achievements.

“There is a real sense of community at the La Retraite 6; as an external student I was immediately welcomed in, and when combined with the smaller class sizes and endless opportunities for mentoring outside the classroom and enrichment beyond the classroom, I benefitted from a truly bespoke learning experience. I am excited to begin university this September and come back to La Retraite, as a part of their Legacy”.

Shechinah, La Retraite Alumni

T Level student Shechinah looks forward to an incredible future, having achieved AAA Distinction in Digital Production, Design and Development and accepting an offer from the University of Coventry to study Ethical Hacking. Over the last two years, Shechinah has been an incredible T Level ambassador, speaking at No.10 Downing Street, the House of Lords and with the DfE of her T Level experience.

“Studying T Levels at the La Retraite 6 has been an incredible experience. The course is so unlike any other on offer, I gained invaluable work experience and insights whilst studying, networked with a range of businesses and organisations and explored my sector, all whilst gaining qualifications. I am really pleased with my results today. Whilst it has been hard work, especially over the last two years, I am very happy it has all paid off”.

Katty, La Retraite Alumni

Katty secured an impressive Distinction Grade in the Digital Production, Design and Development T Level, and celebrates accepting her first-choice university UCL, to read Computer Science with Cyber Security. Katty praised the incredible teachers at the La Retraite 6, stating that support starts the moment you join the sixth form, and that they not only help you to secure the grades you need, but they also enable you to develop the skills that needed for your chosen field or career pathway.

“I wanted to study at the La Retraite 6 because I knew that the T Level qualification was perfect for me. I was intrigued by the blend of practical work experience and classroom theory, and I know now that I made the right choice. I now have a wealth of experiences and knowledge under my belt, which I believe will put me in good stead for my university course, come September”.

Greta, La Retraite Alumni

Greta achieved a remarkable set of results: ABB in History, English and Sociology respectively, and looks forward to embarking on a Journalism degree at the University of Nottingham. A recipient of our Scholarship programme, Greta made the following comments of her La Retraite 6 experience:

“Attending the La Retraite 6 and becoming part of the Scholarship programme was an incredible opportunity, as it provided so many different and unique experiences to support my learning, both in and beyond the classroom. From the excellent teaching and additional classes to boost revision to the endless support and countless opportunities to listen to guest speakers, visit universities and have meaningful discussions with my careers advisor. I feel prepared for my next steps at University and achieving my career ambitions – thanks to the platform offered at the La Retraite 6”.

Hannah Carthy, St Bernadettes and La Retraite Alumni

Member of the Student Presidential Team Hannah was delighted to achieve BBB in the T Level Childcare and Education, and is elated to have achieved her career ambitions, as she secures employment as a Nursery Teacher. As she embarks on the pathway she has aspired to for many years, she credits the sixth form for providing her with the support, encouragement and self-belief to pursue it.

“For me, there was no doubt that I would attend the La Retraite 6. I had an incredibly positive experience throughout my 5 years at La Retraite, which I wanted to continue at sixth form and in the brand-new T Levels. My role within the Presidential Team has developed my skills including leadership, communication, public speaking and so much more, and I believe that I have laid the foundations for my future success here and I look forward to returning as a member of the La Retraite Legacy and proud alumni”.

Leah, La Retraite Alumni

Student President and a member of the first completed T Level cohort, Leah will begin studying Childrens Nursing at the Anglia Ruskin University, after achieving a Grade A/Merit in the Childcare and Education T Level. Leah credits the sixth team for their personalised career and UCAS guidance, which helped her secure her place at her first-choice university.

“Studying the T Level was a really exciting experience. I really enjoyed the mix of practical and classroom-based learning, I found my lessons incredibly interesting, and combined with my role as Head Girl, I believe I gained so many insights and experiences that will really make my CV stand out. I would recommend the La Retraite 6 to anyone, because staff are passionate about their subject, and there are so many ways to learn and new courses that only this Sixth Form can offer – it truly is a unique place to learn.”

Gabrielle, La Retraite Alumni

Inspired by her teachers at the La Retraite 6, Gabrielle has ambitious plans for the future. Having achieved a superb portfolio of results including ABB in Psychology, Sociology and Religious Studies, she is delighted to start at University in September, where she will read Sociology at the University of Sussex.

“At the La Retraite 6, I have been afforded so many opportunities: networking with universities, summer school opportunities, experiences with businesses and fantastic mentoring opportunities with mentees from impressive and global organisations across the country. I always knew I wanted to attend the sixth form, because my experience at the school was brilliant and I knew at the sixth form it could only get better. I would recommend La Retraite 6 to everyone, and encourage them to take advantage of, and seek out as many opportunities as possible – this sixth form is designed to prepare you for the future”.

Shante, Clapham Manor Primary School and La Retraite Alumni

In September, Shante will begin studying for her Psychology with Education degree at the University of Sussex, after achieving impressive results in the Education and Childcare T Level. She credits the Sixth Form for providing the resources and knowledge needed for her success and leaves the La Retraite 6 with the life skills and qualifications to help her on her next adventure.

“The sixth form has provided me with endless support when it came to applying for universities and careers guidance. I was able to meet with the careers guidance team on numerous occasions to discuss my plans for the future and what I wanted to achieve, and from there was provided with opportunities to help me achieve this, both inside and out of the classroom”.

Courtney, Heathbrook Primary School and La Retraite Alumni

Courtney, former Heathbrook Primary School pupil was thrilled to discover she had achieved a Merit in the Childcare and Education T Level, and praises thank the teachers for their support and helping her to realise her potential and ambitions, as she looks forward to embarking on a gap year before attending university, September 2023.

“The personalised experience at La Retraite 6 is second to none. Teachers know everyone as an individual, therefore the support and guidance we receive is tailored to each of us specifically. All of the teachers have been a positive influence on my work ethic, high standards and strong aspirations. I am so grateful for the unrivalled support provided by the teachers, offering us the highest quality teaching and the incredible opportunity to take part in a placement, which helped me to grow as an individual and connect with other professionals”.

Daniel, Allen Edwards Primary School

Daniel was thrilled to discover that he had secured his place at the Queen Mary University of London to study History. He leaves the La Retraite 6 with an impressive portfolio of results under his belt, in History, English Literature and Politics, alongside a knowledge that with his own sense of determination, he can achieve anything he sets his mind to.

“I was recommended the La Retraite 6 and am so glad I chose to attend here, as I found support from teachers readily accessible, they did everything they could to support me, and I feel confident in my next steps as a result. I would advise students thinking about sixth forms to attend the La Retraite 6, to always seek guidance when needed, and take every piece of advice offered by teachers”.