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La Retraithe Sixth Form

Outstanding Achievers

Behind every set of results there is a personal story of hard work, dedication and perseverance. Here are some of the success stories from the 2020/21 cohort:

Elizabeth Adeyeye, Langley Park School for Girls

One of the La Retraite 6 highest achievers, Elizabeth celebrates a remarkable set of results today, of A*A*A* in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. With these outstanding results, she has secured a place at the Imperial College London, to read Medicine.

 “There is a real sense of community at the La Retraite 6; the smaller class sizes meant I was able to receive more support from teachers, also through additional lessons and mentoring outside of class, as teachers really want each student to excel and be able to pursue their passion. More than this, I was taught us how to be resilient; teachers showed us how to find solutions to solve problems and encouraged us to never give up, which was incredibly important in the last year we have faced. I am excited to begin university this September and come back to La Retraite, as a part of their Legacy”.

Ruth Adeyeye, Langley Park School for Girls

Ruth has excelled in her studies at the La Retraite 6, achieving an impressive 3 A* grades in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. As one of our highest achievers this year, Ruth credits the opportunities to develop life skills and gain new experiences offered at the Sixth Form, which she will take on to University College London to study Medicine alongside her academic achievements.

“I am incredibly grateful to the La Retraite 6 for providing so many different and unique opportunities to support my learning, both in and beyond the classroom. From the excellent teaching both online and offline, additional classes to boost revision and endless support from the Scholarship Programme including opportunities to listen to guest speakers, visit university and have meaningful discussions with my careers advisor. I feel prepared for my next steps at University and achieving my career ambitions – thanks to the platform provided by the La Retraite 6”.

Nicole Caiado Gouveia, City Heights Academy

Nicole joined La Retraite 6 in Year 12 from City Heights Academy, to study Business, Portuguese and Spanish, and achieved D*AA, respectively. She looks forward to attending the University of Roehampton in September to study Accounting.  Nicole hopes to pursue a career in the sector after discovering her passion for the subject whilst studying business.

“I wanted to attend the La Retraite 6 because I knew of its wide subject offer, that would help me in achieving my future career goals. Not only this, but the sixth form is well known for its tight-knit community of students and staff, and I believe having positive relationships with my teachers alongside a network of staff and peers who offer guidance and support has enabled my success”.

Amy Calderon Varas, St Michaels Catholic College 

Amy joined the La Retraite 6 from St Michaels Catholic College and celebrates achieving D*AA in Health and Social Care, Psychology and Spanish, and will study Nursing at the University Of Surrey. Of her two-year experience at the Sixth Form, she commented:

“I am so glad that I made the decision to attend the La Retraite 6. I couldn’t have asked for any more from my teachers or the sixth form; the community atmosphere provides a great support network, and this helped me to succeed in a subject I am passionate about. I am delighted with my results today”.

Heloisa Dal Pozzo Mendes, Glenbrook Primary School

High achiever Heloisa looks forward to her next adventure at Surrey University, where she will read Veterinary Medicine. Her achievement of A*AA in Psychology, Biology and Chemistry is a testament to her passion for her chosen subjects. Crediting the tight community of students and staff, she commented:

“I am really pleased with my results today. Whilst it has been hard work, especially during the pandemic, I am very happy it has all paid off. The additional 1:1 support offered from teachers and contact throughout periods of lockdown has been so valuable and I genuinely believe the teachers are highly supportive and really care about the students at the La Retraite 6. Through these relationships amongst staff and my friends, we have been able to support with building each other’s confidence and encouraged everyone to set high expectations, which I am proud to say I achieved today”.

Nicole Figueira, Bonneville School

Student President and Bonneville Primary School alumni Nicole is no stranger to hard work, as evident in her 4 A Level grades achieved. Nicole has attained A*A*AA in Theology, Portuguese, Mathematics and Economics, and her determination and strong work ethic will put her in good stead when she begins her Degree Apprenticeship at UBS. 

“I am so appreciative for my experience at the La Retraite 6. Not only have I benefited from my role within the Presidential Team which has developed my skills including leadership, communication, public speaking and so much more, but my teachers have gone the extra mile to help me achieve the best I can. My advice to students would be to never underestimate yourself, but always know that there is a strong network of support available at the La Retraite 6. And take advantage of every single opportunity!”

Kalifia Gordon, Virgo Fidelis School 

Kalifa looks forward to a bright future, having already attained her first ambitions of securing 3 A grades in Drama, English Literature and History, and looks forward to studying Law at Birmingham University. Kalifa joined the La Retraite 6 from Virgo Fidelis School, citing the well-known community environment and supportive teaching network as a key motivating factor for seeking an education with us.

“It is a dream come true to be able to say I have achieved my goal of studying Law. I have always been passionate about this and truly believe that choosing to attend the La Retraite 6 has been key in accomplishing everything that I have. I have found the teachers to be so encouraging, offering personalised support and it truly feels like a family”.

Amy Meagher, St Anthony’s Primary School

In September, Amy will begin studying for her Nursing degree at the Kings College University after achieving D*A*A in Health and Social Care, Sociology and English Literature. She credits the Sixth Form for providing the resources and knowledge needed for her success and leaves the La Retraite 6 with the life skills and qualifications to help her on her next adventure.

“One of the most important things the Sixth Form teaches you is how to learn independently. They push you on and support you to prepare for your exams, but also teach you how to manage your time and treat you like an adult. I would be proud to recommend the La Retraite 6 and feel like they have prepared me well for university.”

Vanessa Molina Nacato, Henry Fawcett School

Vanessa is delighted to have attained A*AC in Spanish, Art and Design and Theology. For Vanessa, there was no doubt that the La Retraite 6 was the next step for her. Having achieved success at the school for her GCSEs, she knew that the best option to build on this success and create firm foundations for the future was to continue on to the Sixth Form. In September, Vanessa will join Ravensbourne University London to study Interior Design Environment Architectures.

“I would like to thank the supportive staff at the La Retraite 6. I wanted to continue into the sixth form because I had an incredibly positive experience throughout my 5 years at La Retraite, which I wanted to continue with my A Levels. I believe that I have laid the foundations for my future success here and I look forward to returning as a member of the La Retraite Legacy and proud alumni”.

Michelle Montoya, Henry Cavendish Primary School

Michelle was thrilled to discover that she has secured her place at the Queen Mary University of London to study Biomedical Science. She leaves the La Retraite 6 with an impressive portfolio of results under her belt, AAB in Chemistry, Maths and Physics, alongside a knowledge that with her own sense of determination, she can achieve anything she sets her mind on.

“Attending the La Retraite 6 was definitely the right decision. All of the teachers have been a positive influence on my work ethic, high standards and ability to have strong aspirations. The last year has been a stressful and worrying time, and I am so grateful for the support and reassurance provided by the teachers, still offering us the highest quality teaching and advice”.

Hellen Mora, Richard Atkins Primary School

Hellen achieved a phenomenal 4 A Levels; a D* in Health and Social Care, A* in Spanish, A in Sociology and a B in Theology. She wants to thank the teachers for their support and helping her to realise her potential and ambitions, as she progresses on to City, University of London to study Psychology.

“In the sixth form, you receive so much careers advice and information about university and preparing for your career pathway. I found external speakers were particularly interesting and helpful, and participating in the different schemes and experiences provided me with informative insights. Once I knew what I wanted to do, the sixth form did everything they could to support me, and I feel confident in my next steps as a result.”

Precious Nzekwe, Hitherfield Primary School

Precious was delighted to learn that she has secured her place at her first-choice university, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, to study medicine. Having achieved an outstanding A*AA, in Sociology, Chemistry and Biology alongside the ASDAN Award, Precious hopes to specialise in the field of dermatology, and raise awareness of different skin diseases across ethnicities, and focus on global health within her medical degree.

“The La Retraite 6 is great at supporting students throughout the whole two years of your study, and this comes in many forms - they are dedicated to removing potential barriers to your achievement. From bursaries and scholarships to paid yearly subscriptions for various revision resources and tailored tutor advice, I felt supported at every step of my journey. A particular highlight for me were the careers trips, where I was able to branch out to meet people who provided me with work experience opportunities within a Palliative Care Unit, which has aided my application to university and secured my place at one of the top 15 Medical Schools in the country, which is also ranked number one, for student satisfaction. Bring it on!”

Tessy Osagie Iroguehi, Saint Gabriels College 

Tessy joined the La Retraite 6 in 2019 from Saint Gabriels College. Following success in this year’s A Levels, Tessy achieved AAA in English Literature, History and Politics, she will be attending the University of Durham to study Law.

“I am so glad I chose to attend the La Retraite 6. The whole experience was not like I had expected – upon joining I received my own laptop to help support my studies and made sure that I was able to participate in the highest standard of revision and work at home. Teachers treated us like adults, providing guidance but allowing us the freedom to work independently and experiment with learning styles which best suited us and how we best learn. The dedicated facilities solely for sixth formers, the vast course options and enrichment experiences I had never even considered! It is a truly special sixth form, and I am so proud to call myself a La Retraite Girl.”

 Tyla Powell, St Andrews CofE Primary School

Having attained 3 A grades in Psychology, English Literature and Biology, Tyla looks forward to continuing her success at the University of Kent, where she will study Psychology. On achieving her results, she commented:

“The personalised experience you receive at La Retraite 6 is second to none. Teachers know everyone as an individual, therefore the support and guidance we receive is tailored to each of us specifically. Not only does this ensure we achieve our goals, but we do so in a way that best supports the development of us as individuals, taking into account the need for positive mental health and a balance of experiencing enrichment opportunities beyond the classroom, alongside academic success”.

 Jessica Samuel, Durand Primary School

Inspired by her teachers at the La Retraite 6, Jessica has ambitious plans for the future. Having achieved a superb portfolio of results including AAB in Biology, Chemistry and Maths, she is delighted to start at University in September. Jessica credits the Sixth Form team for their personalised career and UCAS guidance, which helped her secure her place at her first-choice university.

“I would recommend the La Retraite 6 to anyone, but especially students currently at La Retraite. Choose subjects you are passionate about, because staff are passionate about their subject, which ensures that learning is exciting and engaging. Not only this, but there are so many ways to learn and new courses that only this sixth form can offer – it truly is a unique place to learn. I wish I could do it all over again!”

Asma Sulaiman, Ark All Saints Academy College 

Asma is celebrating after securing 3 A grades in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology. With these impressive achievements under her belt, there is no stopping her of accomplishing her next goal: attending UCL to study Pharmacology.

“Not only have the teachers at the La Retraite 6 motivated me to raise my ambitions and achieve beyond what I thought was my potential, they have provided me with the support and resources to achieve this. Attending the La Retraite 6 was the right decision for me. It has shaped me into an independent and confident learner, and I look forward to repeating my successes here, at University”.