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La Retraithe Sixth Form

Super Scholars

The brand-new Super Scholarship programme aims to create a challenging and inspirational environment for the schools most gifted students – those with the potential to achieve the highest exam grades and apply to the world’s leading universities. The programme is available by invitation only to exceptional students in years 9-12 and is pitched at a level above the Platinum and Gold Scholarships currently available at the school.

All Super Scholars will have access to 1-1 mentoring and support, exploration-based workshops, and Oxbridge-style small-group teaching. The programme deliberately pushes beyond the boundaries of the GCSE and A-level curricula and encourages students to work hard, be curious, and challenge themselves.

The programme has been designed by Gifted Study Club founder Laura Bampton, a Natural Sciences graduate from Cambridge University and double Master’s degree holder. For more information about Laura, visit