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La Retraithe Sixth Form

Combined Cadets Force

The Combined Cadet Force is an important part of the history of La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls’ School and La Retraite 6.




The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) offers an exceptional range of exciting activities for cadets to enjoy.  As well as challenging and adventurous pursuits, many of the activities that students participate in with the CCF are focused on helping students to fain new skills, improve teamwork, confidence, and leadership.

In partnership with Streatham and Clapham High School, our school operates under the CCF Royal Navy branch.  Working in partnership with the CCF allows our girls the opportunity to engage in a broad range of challenging and STEM-related activities.  Participation in this programme drives the development of key skills, alongside allowing our students to achieve nationally accredited qualifications and enjoy "once in a life time" experiences.

The basic principle of cadets is that this curriculum is delivered by senior cadets in the school, thereby developing the key leadership and team qualities that universities and employers look for.  This also means there is opportunity for promotion through the various ranks, gaining increased seniority and responsibility.

Afloat Training is the defining activity of the Naval Cadet Forces.  The Royal Navy proficiency syllabus bases its training emphasis on leadership, afloat activities, and adventurous training.  Annual camps are held at Britannia Royal Naval College (Dartmouth), HMS Bristol (Portsmouth) and the Garelochead Training Area (Scotland).

As well as the afloat activities, cadets have the opportunity to participate in scuba diving, mountaineering, mountain biking, rock climbing, leadership, first aid, NPLQ, ice climbing, skiing, flying, shooting, and there is even a band course for budding musicians.  These courses are sponsored by the Navy and therefore cost a fraction of the normal equivalent.

The impacts of participation are unrivalled, ensuring our students develop as confident young adults, equipped with the skills needed to succeed in life and a wealth of experiences to set them apart from the rest of the crowd.