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La Retraithe Sixth Form

Leadership Opportunities

At La Retraite 6, students are encouraged and empowered to take on positions of responsibility and leadership.

Formal roles include the Student Leadership Team and CAFOD Young Leaders and informal roles including leading school clubs, supporting staff in the classroom and the rest of school life.

Student Leadership Team

Our Presidential Team are highly valued and respected role models within the school and sixth form community.  Embarking on these roles allows students to work together to drive change within the sixth form and across the rest of the school, aiding the development of key skills including communication, leadership, problem solving, listening, collaboration and public speaking.

Our Presidential Teams have made meaningful contributions to life at La Retraite 6 and support the running of our school and La Retraite 6 on a daily basis. Responsibilities include:

  • Being positive role models for the lower school
  • Acting as ushers for assembly line-ups
  • Delivering assemblies
  • Being lunchtime supervisors 
  • Supporting staff where required at whole school events
  • Supporting and leading extra-curricular activities and enrichment programmes

CAFOD Young Leaders

Students are challenged to become aspiring leaders through the CAFOD Young Leaders program, which reflects on their responsibility towards the planet and others around them, whilst deepening their understanding of global justice issues and empowering them to run social action projects.  Participation stimulates the development of leadership, campaigning, and fundraising skills.