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La Retraithe Sixth Form

Business Studies

Studying Business Studies at the La Retraite 6

Exam Board: OCR

Why study this course?

The Level 3 Cambridge Technicals in Business qualifications help students to achieve their potential and progress to the next stage of their lives, whether that’s Higher Education, an Apprenticeship or employment. The qualification is equivalent in size to one A Levels and is designed to be taken as part of a study programme alongside other vocational qualifications, such as Cambridge Technicals in IT, Health and Social Care, Media or Sport and Physical Activity and A levels including subjects such as Economics, Maths, Geography, Computer Science, Sociology or Psychology.

What will I learn?

As well as studying specific business theories and practices, learners will develop a comprehensive range of generic business skills including:

  • Written and verbal English
  • Communication
  • Numeracy
  • Presentation
  • Leadership 
  • Organisation
  • Time management

Learners will develop these skills by working on a range of different units, each focusing on a different aspect of business. They will have to manage their time effectively.

How will I be taught?

The Extended certificate in Business, learners will be taught how to develop a comprehensive range of business skills and personal attributes that will allow them to gain employment in business or to go on to higher study at university. Learners will be taught through a combination of discussion, activity-based problem-solving tasks, independent research, responding to a wide range of case studies, role play, business report writing and visits to businesses.

How many hours a week of private study are recommended?

Students are required to spend at least six hours doing private study per week to consolidate learning and learn how to apply subject knowledge to different contexts.

You’ll enjoy this course if…

For starters, the skills you learn in this course can be easily transferred and adapted to just about any future career or job position imaginable. Business programs place a huge focus on teaching students the ability to think critically, problem solve in innovative ways, and manage you time logically.

Course description

Learners will take five units: three mandatory units and two optional units. Everybody will study the following mandatory units:

  • The business environment
  • Working in business
  • Customers and communication

The business environment will give you an understanding of the wider external contexts in which businesses operate and of internal business functions and their interdependencies. The unit will allow you to appreciate how legal, financial, ethical and resource constraints can affect business behaviour and the influence that different stakeholders can have and how businesses must respond.

Working in business will give you an understanding of the type of critical skills needed when working in business, such as organisation, prioritisation, and effective communication. The unit will allow you to learn how to use different business documents and about organisational protocols that most businesses would expect employees to follow.

Customers and communication will allow you to appreciate how vital customers are to the success of a business. It will give you an understanding of how important it is for businesses to know their customers and what influences customer behaviour. In this unit, you will understand how to communicate with customers.

The optional unit is Responsible Business Practices, businesses do not exist in isolation; their actions have an impact on the various stakeholders of the business. No matter how large an organisation, it cannot ignore the importance of upholding the principles of corporate social responsibility and of making decisions which seem right, fair, and ethical for society.


The course is 360 Guided Learning Hours which is equivalent in size to an A Level. Students must complete five separate units, three mandatory and two the other two are optional from the criteria given.

Two units are externally assessed (E) units and three units are internally assessed as coursework (I C) which will be moderated by the exam board.

OCR Technical Extended certificate in Business Learners must complete the following:

Three compulsory units:

1. Unit 1 - The business environment (E)

2. Unit 2 - Business decisions (E)

3. Unit 4 - Customers and communication (IC)

They will then complete the following TWO option units:

1. Unit 5 – Marketing and Market Research (IC)

2. Unit 17 – Responsible business practices (IC)

50% Exam 50% Internal coursework.