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La Retraithe Sixth Form

Digital business

Studying Digital Business at the La Retraite 6




Why study this course

This is a high-quality, work-focussed alternative to A levels.  This new two-year course was designed with employers to intimately reflect the needs of the sector and occupations they’re designed to serve.

The Digital T-Level will equip you with the knowledge, skills and behaviours you need to progress into work or higher-level study.

As part of the course, you will complete a 45-day industry placement.  This will give you hands on experience in the digital sector and give you the skills that employers value.

Adverts for job roles in technology and digital in the UK have increased by 36% since June 2020, according to research by Tech Nation and the government’s Digital Economy Council.

Median salaries for roles in the digital sector are 35% higher than the non-digital sector.

  • Modern and applicable
  • Freedom of choice (all companies use media)
  • Combined university courses (e.g., Media and Politics, English, Drama, Business etc.)
  • Develop strong social skills
  • International perspective
  • Specific skills (that set you apart).

What will I learn?

Students will develop an understanding of:

  • How digital technologies impact business
  • The ethical and moral implications of digital technology
  • Using data in software design
  • Using digital technologies to analyse and solve problems
  • Digital environments, including physical, virtual and cloud environments
  • Emerging technical trends, such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Blockchain, 3D printing
  • Legal and regulatory obligations relating to digital technologies
  • The privacy and confidentiality of personal data
  • The technical, physical and human aspects of internet security
  • Planning digital projects
  • Testing software, hardware and data
  • Digital tools for project management and collaboration


Students will develop the skills to:

  • Analyse a problem, understand user needs, define requirements and set acceptance criteria
  • Design, implement and test software
  • Change, maintain and support software
  • Work collaboratively in a digital team
  • Discover, evaluate and apply reliable sources of knowledge
  • Work within legal and regulatory frameworks when developing software

How will I be taught?

Students will be taught in a brand-new computer suite; each station has dual screens to aid you when you are coding.   There will be lots of hands on practical sessions, team work and paired coding.  There will also be presentations, demonstrations, case-studies and research tasks. 

We work with lots of companies to help deliver interesting webinars and workshops.  So far, our students have had career mentoring from L’Oreal executives, Coding sessions with Imperial College, webinars from cyber-security firm Informer and workshops with Comensura, Railway Delivery Group and Bridge Digital.

All of our resources will be available online so students can access them easily from home their Chromebook that they will be given to keep at the start of the course.

How many hours a week of private study are recommended?

Students are expected to complete 18 hours of private study per week. This is a combination of homework, and independent work or research.

You’ll enjoy this course if…

You like solving problems, are interested in coding and technology. 


Year 12 and 13 - Curriculum Map

T Level Digital - Curriculum Intent


Core Component:

Core Paper 1:  Digital Analysis, Legislation and Emerging Issues – 2.5hrs written exam

Core Paper 2:  The Business Environment – 2.5hrs written exam

Employer Set Project – 14.5 hrs externally set project

Occupational Specialist Component:

Digital Production, Design and Development – 67 hrs externally set project 


This video is an illuminating and inspiring insight into the experiences of an employer, as they go on their journey of hosting T Level students on industry placements and employing them afterwards as apprentices. 

The T Level students featured in the video make a real contribution to their host employer. Two of these students, (Zoe and AJ) are part of La Retraite 6, T Level Digital Alumni.

During their time on industry placements they: 

  • Created a dashboard to bring performance indicators to life
  • Built a chatbot for a local business area
  • Developed an induction pack to help new joiners get more information about the business area and locate resources more easily.