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La Retraithe Sixth Form

Sport and Physical Activity

Studying Sport and Physical Activity at the La Retraite 6

Exam Board: OCR

Entry Criteria: 5 GCSE Level 5 grades including English, Maths, Science and PE or Merit Grade

Why study this course?

This course is a refreshing and exciting 2-year qualification which is equivalent to one A level. It has practical and wider project-based assessment opportunities within the community, for example sports coaching opportunities within and outside of the borough.

What will I learn?

Students will learn a range of exam and practical coursework units over the 2-year course.

The vocational Sports pathway at La Retraite will be mainly focused on coaching, leadership, and physical education to help students develop life skills such as organisation, teamwork, problem solving and leadership to any career they wish to choose into further education.

How will I be taught?

The 2-year course will be taught within the classroom to develop sports pedagogy knowledge for external exam topics, plus planning for practical course work tasks and also in a range of practical PE environments within the school to deliver coaching, sports event and first aid for coursework based practical tasks.

How many hours a week of private study are recommended?

Six hours of private study this comprises of homework and research which are recommended for this course to keep up to date with the range of sport and physical activity topics to gain a good grade.

For the anatomy topics it is essential to read up and practise anatomical terms and movement muscle analysis scenarios for Body Systems, Sports Injuries and Sports coaching units.

You’ll enjoy this course if…

  • You have or are dedicated to have a good Knowledge of Sports Science Subjects, especially Biology and PE based subjects.
  • You regularly take part in sport afterschool or happy to coach afterschool clubs to develop coaching knowledge.
  • You have passion to learn a range of units from anatomy to preparing to work in sport, exercise, health, or leisure industries.
  • You have commitment and enthusiasm to work with different ranges of students and organise sports events within our school community.
  • You wish to develop good time management skills to make sure you keep up to date with tasks and sports coaching research.
  • You have passion to develop communication and leadership skills to apply to all the sport units and sixth form life at La Retraite.
  • You have the attribute of Empathy and want to become a good coach or mentor to younger peers in the local community.

Course description

This course is the perfect alternative to an A Level in Physical Education. It is a balanced course of class and practical based units. Students will apply practical skills and knowledge in preparation for coaching sessions, organising sports events and planning rehabilitation programmes for injured athletes.

The Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Sport and Physical Activity focuses on the skills, knowledge and understanding that today’s universities and employment industries will see as essential skills and qualities.

Year 12: Level 3 Cambridge Technical Certificate in Sport and Physical Activity (equivalent to 1 AS Level)

Year 13: Level 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Sport and Physical Activity (equivalent to 1 A Level)

Year 12 Mandatory Units:

Unit 1 – Body Systems and the Effects of Physical Activity

Unit 2 – Sports Coaching and Activity Leadership

Year 13 Mandatory Unit: Unit 3 – Sports Organisation and Development

Additional Units:

Unit 8 – Organisation of a Sports Event

Unit 17- Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation.


  • Unit 1 is an external assessment through a 1 hour 30-minute, 70 marks exam
  • Unit 3 is an external assessment through a 1 hour, 60 marks exam
  • Units 2,8 & 17 are internally assessed using specified grading criteria created by OCR.