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La Retraithe Sixth Form


Studying Theology at the La Retraite 6

Exam Board: OCR

Entry Criteria: GCSE Level 6 in Religious Education

Why study this course?

This is a challenging and interesting subject. It will make you think and allow you to really investigate some of the biggest issues in life!

In our modern world with the threat of religious extremism, a wide range of ethical dilemmas and a lot of confusion surrounding the topic of religion it is even more essential to study this topic. Philosophy, Ethics and Theology will help you learn about issues that matter for our world today.

Whatever you study at university and in every job, you will need to know about these issues. This is an exciting and interesting subject, which goes perfectly with every other A Level. It goes particularly well with Maths, Psychology, Science, Languages, History, English and Sociology. Universities will be pleased to see that you have taken this A Level because it shows both depth and breadth of academic thought.

What will I learn?

Students will learn to debate and discuss things like: why is there evil? How should we live? How do beliefs about the Trinity or the Incarnation affect our daily lives? Participants will learn how to present your ideas and think as a scholar, summarising, analysing and evaluating your ideas and make rational judgements.

How will I be taught?

Students will be taught in a variety of ways which will help you understand the course content and evaluate and analyse new ideas; from class discussions and debates, group work and independent research to synthesising ideas and learning to write essays!

How many hours a week of private study are recommended?

Students are required to consolidate your learning through private study/homework for a minimum of five hours each week.

You’ll enjoy this course if…

You are open minded and able to cope with challenging ideas and arguments. You like to debate new ideas and explore a wide range of beliefs, philosophies, and concepts

Course description

This course is divided into three topics. Students will begin by learning about the Philosophy of Religion (issues such as ‘Is there really a God’); Ethics (issues such as ‘why not lie and cheat?’) and Theology (what is it that Christians are supposed to believe).  Each of these areas are worth a third of the overall grade.


Three examinations at the end of the course:

Paper 1:  Philosophy of Religion
External written examination (33.3% of A Level)

Paper 2:  Religion and Ethics
External written examination (33.3% of A Level)

Paper 3:  Development in Religious Thought
External written examination (33.3% of A Level).